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NETA Agave Spirits – taste & talk with Niki Nakazawa




Noble Fine Liquor

On Monday 26th September 2022, we will host two intimate tastings to showcase the unique agave spirits of NETA.

We are grateful that Oaxaca-based Niki Nakazawa (founder of NETA) will be present to share her deep knowledge of the incredible world of mezcal.

This will be a rare opportunity to taste and learn about the extraordinary diversity of magueys and their roles in the ecosystem, comprehend fermentation and distillation, and hear about the history of mezcal with someone who lives and breathes the spirit.

There will be two sessions respectively at 11am and 3pm – each session will last roughly an hour and a half. Please be aware this will be a fully seated affair with a limited number of 25 attendees per session.

Registering your interest is essential – please RSVP via indicating your preferred time slot.