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We source, import, sell and distribute the finest wines from France, Northern Spain and Sicily.

Our aim is to inspire a more progressive, sustainable and open-minded approach to wine, one that cares about the land and the people, eschews the use of chemicals and keeps prices fair. And we believe that none of this is possible without taking some risks. Right from the start in summer 1989, Vine Trail has been about taking punts, when Nick Brookes financed the first list of 27 wines on the back of winning bets from horse racing. Pushing boundaries and taking risks defines us, it’s in our blood and bones.

Vine Trail has always rowed against the crowd and fashion, championing the maverick, chiselling out wines from top vignerons in overlooked regions like Jura and Savoie, being the first in the UK to promote growers’ champagnes as well as revealing the artisanal face of Bordeaux.

Dare to make that difficult first mark on the blank canvas of the future – Grayson Perry

We like to focus and build up expertise, working for almost 30 years exclusively with French vignerons, we are now also applying our savoir-faire to Northern Spain and Sicily. Incredibly fine, biodiverse and untamed terroirs, Atlantic or Mediterranean climates often combined with mountain viticulture, wines with freshness, perfect balance and a clear mineral print – all these factors draw a real parallel with several of our favourite French regions.

Vine Trail is now a nine strong team with Nick passing the baton to Jean-Remi Barris and Raphaël Rodriguez (VT directors and co-owners). It’s an exciting journey and one that would not be possible without the help of an amazing team: Lionel, Teresa, Jack, Sarah, Susanne, and Alessandra.

How we do it

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We are specialists

For the last four decades we have focused on French regions because this is the best way to acquire detailed expertise and in-depth knowledge, as well as sensing and following progress. This is what makes us different and gives us a real edge.

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In this we share an affinity with vignerons who are open-minded, looking to progress and willing to go that extra mile to make exciting wines. We champion the individual, the unique, the underdog and are never afraid to take informed risks on underrated regions.

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The trail less travelled

We travel extensively visiting vignerons, their vineyards and cellars, nurturing close relationships that give us a unique understanding of the wines, regions and terroir. We will go anywhere we sense there is potential for progress.

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We stand for sustainability

Sustainability involves all of us, from vignerons all the way through to wine lovers. By encouraging a sustainable ethos, we create better conditions for our planet and the people. And, as a result, we promote better quality wines.

The Vine Trail palate

We share an enthusiasm for wines that are pure, fresh and nuanced, low in alcohol and sulphur, that reflect terroir and are a pleasure to drink down to the last sip. We believe in the health benefits of drinking these wines and their uplifting effects on the human spirit.