A small place on earth

Date of Event

Sunday 5th December

Event Location

Brilliant Corners
470 Kingsland road, E8 4AE London

In 2014 film director Laurence Guérault produced an intimate documentary on the iconic Domaine Labet in the Jura region. Laurence lived with the Labets for a year, immersed in their world, close to the family and friends. She shot spontaneously and so respectfully that the camera disappeared in the protagonists’ eyes.

Broadcast on French TV a couple of times back in 2016, the film became lost when the production company went bust. We’ve unearthed this superb piece of work and created a subtitled version to share with as many people as possible.

After their parents retired, the Labet siblings – Charline, Romain and Julien – decided to join forces to run the family business. Their way of life and constant search for beauty, their dreams and doubts, like the wines they seek to create tell the story of A Small Place On Earth. We discover the family’s deeply woven roots in the land, their respect towards previous generations, and an insatiable thirst for progress and knowledge.

In some respects, the destiny of this family is very much intertwined with our own. In such a fast-moving world, where trends come and go and where everything is 'disposable', there are still people who choose to ignore the purely material aspects of life, taking the risk of expressing a different kind of identity and feeling totally free. – Laurence Guérault
A Small Place On Earth – a film about the Labet family.