Michel Delhommeau

Michel Delhommeau

VigneronMichel Delhommeau
LocationMonnières (Loire-Atlantique)
Size of Domaine25 ha
TerroirAtlantic climate. Gneiss and gabbro (igneous rock chemically equivalent to basalt). 50m altitude.
ViticultureCertified organic (Ecocert)
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Michel Delhommeau farms 25 ha in the commune of Monnières, just south of Nantes, where the soils are predominantly gabbro and gneiss, unlike much of Muscadet which is dominated by granite.

Gabbro is formed when volcanic molten lava is trapped and slowly cools down under the earth's crust, whereas gneiss is formed by the metamorphosis of granite caused by an increase in temperature and/or pressure – for example when continental plates crash into each other and form mountain chains.

In order to express the nuances between each soil type, Michel vinifies them separately using wild yeast and limited amounts of sulphur (45mg/l total) which gives his wines better fruit definition than most Muscadet while keeping sea breeze aromatics from the nearby Atlantic.

We buy Michel's two single-vineyard cuvées: Symbiose comes from 35yo vines on gneiss (which Michel believes is the perfect conduit for conveying a mineral sense), ages well and has a notable mineral tang, whereas Clos Armand, from 70yo vines on gabbro, has more flesh and weight of fruit.

Michel Delhommeau Wines

100% Melon de Bourgogne
100% Melon de Bourgogne (12% alc.)
(12% alc.)

This cuvée is made from 3ha of organically tended 35yo vines planted in a soil of gneiss which Michel believes conveys more minerality than the gabbro soil of the VV. It has an attractive marine, sea breeze quality on the nose, zesty, ripe fruit and a sustained finish.

Clos Armand, Vieilles Vignes
100% Melon de Bourgogne
100% Melon de Bourgogne (12% alc.)
(12% alc.)

This is a superb cuvée, made from 70yo vines planted in a soil of gabbro. A very attractive pale gold colour with greeny glints, this is denser and more reserved than Michel’s first cuvée. It is very pure and juicy with good texture on the palate and the sustained finish reveals a mineral piquancy.

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