Domaine Mabillot

VigneronMatthieu and Renaud Mabillot
LocationSaint-Lizaigne (Indre)
Size of Domaine8 ha
TerroirContinental climate. Clay-limestone and siliceous-clay. 110-150m altitude.
ViticultureLutte raisonnée
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Reuilly is a small appellation in the heart of the Berry region totalling just over 200ha. The two Mabillot brothers now run the 8ha family domaine established by their father Alain in 1990.

Their vines are planted on Kimmeridgian limestone-clay slopes where there is a lot of flints. To strengthen their ecological approach towards viticulture, they are one of only 20% of domaines in the appellation to plough their soils, reducing their yields as a consequence.

Their Reuilly has a purity and intensity of fruit that you sadly find so rarely in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé where the wines are often throttled by too much sulphur.

Domaine Mabillot Wines

100% Sauvignon
100% Sauvignon (13.5% alc.)
(13.5% alc.)

The young Mabillot brothers now in charge of this 8ha domaine produce a sauvignon far removed from the sulphur bound lean wines that predominate in the Loire. From lower yields than is the norm in Sancerre, the 25yo vines planted in Kimmeridgian limestone with many shellfish fossils weathered out to the surface, give a wine with a good weight of elderflower fruit, and a lick of salinity on the finish.

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