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Event: Alsace & Germany: Celebrating Common Ground


While Alsace and Germany are historically intertwined, their vinous present is bringing them ever closer. On both sides of the Rhine, an increasing number of growers are embracing a progressive and sustainable vision of viticulture, choosing to focus on making vibrant and mostly bone-dry wines. With a terroir of such geological diversity and a climate that enhances freshness, we believe that this new generation of Alsatian and German winemakers are on the verge of an exciting breakthrough.

Join us, meet the growers and taste the wines:


Domaine Lissner, Wolxheim
Bernard & Arthur Bohn, Reichsfeld
Florian & Mathilde Beck-Hartweg, Dambach-La- Ville
Marc Tempé, Zellenberg
Matthieu Boesch, Westhalten


Thorsten Melsheimer, Mosel
Rudolf & Rita Trossen, Mosel
Bianka & Daniel Schmitt, Rheinhessen
Weingut roterfaden, Württemberg
Enderle & Moll, Baden

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Hosted by Vine Trail and Newcomer Wines

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