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Fiona Beckett on Grange de Quatre Sous | The Guardian


The Guardian Weekend


Fiona Beckett


23 September, 2017

Fiona Beckett is “on the hunt for good organic wine” in The Guardian Weekend 23 September 2017, and she selects amongst her choices of “immensely drinkable Languedoc reds”:

La Grange de Quatre Sous, Cuvée Garsinde (13.5% abv)
An unusual (for the Languedoc) blend of malbec, syrah and cabernet franc that is stocked at £11.98 by the splendid Vine Trail. Vine Trail mainly supplies restaurants, but you can order by the case (which can be mixed). That may daunt some of you but I do again urge you to form a wine-buying group, so you can take advantage of more interesting suppliers.

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