Dirty Dozen - Robert Giorgione on Champagne Prevost

The Roving Sommelier “Dirty Dozen” wine selection

By Robert Giorgione on September 17, 2012

“As with 2011, the recent Dirty Dozen tasting was probably one of the best wine eventsof this year. Essentially, the Dirty Dozen is a collaboration of (yes, you’veguessed it) twelve UK-based independent wine suppliers/merchants – all of whom have their own particular niche andspecial reputation that has been built up over the years.”

Giorgione choses his twelve favourite wines fromthe highlights and the Vine Trail selection is:

  1. 2008 Jerome Prevost, “Les Beguines”, Champagne, Franceanother personal favourite Champagne, which fondly reminds me of my time at Orrery and Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols from a small grower that makes miniscule quantities. Jerome Prevost cut his Champenois winemaking teeth under the tutelage of legendary Anselme Selosses and produces deliciously-intense and well-structured wines with immense finesse and complexity. Well worth £36.10 per bottle available from Vine Trail.