Domaine Rotier

VigneronAlain Rotier and François Marre
LocationCadalen (Tarn)
Size of Domaine35 ha
TerroirContinental climate with Atlantic and Mediterranean influences. Gravelly soil on a marl. 200 metres altitude.
ViticultureCertified organic (Bureau Veritas)
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Gaillac is a geographic appellation that encompasses wines made from very different grape varieties, soils, yields and winemaking techniques, and finding a quality winemaker is paramount here.

Domaine Rotier was created by Alain Rotier’s parents who purchased the estate in 1975, initially selling their grapes to the co-op. When Alain joined his parents in 1985, they decided to start bottling their own produce. Alain was subsequently joined by his brother-in-law Francis Marre, and they started the conversion to organic from 2005 as well as increasing planting density from 4000 to 6000 vines/ha to limit yields and improve quality. Their vines are planted in gravels with marls on an ancient terrace of the river Tarn, in the south of the appellation, and barley along with oats are sowed between the rows to help aerate the soil and encourage microbiological activity.

The domaine is mostly famous for its unctuous, tropical fruited, noble rot dessert wine. It is made from a native variety called len de l'el in local patois or loin de l'oeil in French meaning ‘far from the eye'. It refers to the extra length of the stalk with the grape cluster being unusually far from the ‘oeil' or bud. The noble rot is triggered by September rains and the harvest is carried out in selective tries in early October.

Domaine Rotier Wines

100% Loin de l’oeil
100% Loin de l’oeil (12% alc, 155g/l of rs)
(12% alc, 155g/l of rs)

This wine is made from tiny yields of grapes concentrated by pourriture noble. It is a rich complex wine with pears and apples coming through very clearly on both the nose and palate. This wine would be the perfect match for foie gras or go equally well with chocolate-based desserts or blue cheese.

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