Domaine Montesquiou

VigneronFabrice and Sébastien Bordenave
LocationMonein (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Size of Domaine10 ha
TerroirAtlantic climate with mountain influences, foehn winds from the Pyrenées. Siliceous clay, limestone, sedimentary soils with poudingues (puddingstone – rounded conglomerate). Steep slopes and terraced vineyards. 250-330m altitude.
ViticulturePractising biodynamic
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Jurançon is one of the most beautiful parts of France, set in the lush, green, rolling foothills of the Pyrénées, just to the west of Pau. It is also a challenging area for viticulture, only possible at sites offering both shelter from spring frosts and optimal exposure. There are many dramatic, south facing amphitheatre shaped vineyards through the different zones of the appellation, grouped around the villages of Monein, Chapelle de Rousse and Lasseube.

Domaine Montesquiou is in Monein’s Quartier Haut Ucha, where brothers Fabrice and Sébastien reintroduced ancient grape varieties, such as petit courbu, camaralet and lauzet, to bring more complexity and singularity to their dry whites. As Monein is both the lowest zone and the farthest from the Pyrénées, the climate tends to be slightly warmer – the domaine’s wines show this with their silky flesh and riper fruit, while keeping the electric bite for which Jurançon wines are famous.

Domaine Montesquiou Wines

Cuvade Preciouse
60% Gros Manseng, 30% Petit Manseng, 10% Petit Courbu
60% Gros Manseng, 30% Petit Manseng, 10% Petit Courbu (14% alc.)
(14% alc.)

This is Montesquiou’s top cuvée from very low yielding 40yo vines. Sensitively aged in new to 5yo barrels, the wine’s intense, exotic fruit is nicely tethered by a characteristic, refreshing acidity.

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