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We source, import, sell and distribute the finest wines from France and Northern Spain. We share an enthusiasm for wines that are pure, fresh and nuanced, that reflect terroir and are a pleasure to drink down to the last sip.

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01_Vine _Trail_Jeremie_Illouz_16_9 Jérémie Illouz

Parlange & Illouz

Despite being only in his mid 30s and an outsider, Jérémie knows what he is doing and where he is going, we were seriously impressed by the precision in everything he does and says. Even more impressive is the sheer quality of his wines – moreish and fresh they beautifully combine poise, depth and sense of place. His thirst for knowledge is striking, a glimpse at the eclectic empties in the cellar would convince any connoisseur. Loving his life in the bucolic town of Cahors, you’ll often find him en terrasse at Le Courson restaurant popping corks, sharing plates and chatting away with the young bunch of vignerons who are redefining the region. Watch out for this clique – they are about to unleash Cahors’ true potential, exciting times indeed!

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