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Roussette de Savoie AC 2016, El…Hem
  • 47. Roussette de Savoie AC 2016, El…Hem

    Gilles Berlioz

    100% Altesse (12.5% alc.)

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    Gilles named this cuvée after a Moroccan lawyer (Hem means inspiration in arabic) who free of charge helped Gilles out of a tight corner after a driving offence!! This has more body and weight than Chignin, with an intriguing nose, fine tension and balance with a hint of spice (altesse is akin to the pinot gris) and a ripe peach fruit on the palate. This emanates from a superb terroir and it’s by far Gilles’ best example to date.  For drinking now to 2021.

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Further details
Gilles Berlioz
Le Viviers, Chignin. Parcel called ‘Les Crays’. Very windy weather
Size of domaine
3 hectares (sold 2.8 hectares of vines to concentrate on producing top level wines and convert to agro-bio) (0.15 hectares of Roussette)
Altesse – 12 year old vines. Rootstock 3309, massale selection. 9000 vines per hectare.
Argilo calcaire, 80cm of soil over limestone base – 30% gradient. South-west aspect
Practiced bio-dynamic viticulture since 2006 and certified Eco-cert (organic). Ploughs and hoes the soil. 4 to 5 bunches of grapes per vine, or 35 hectos per hectare. Debuds, but never vendanges en vert, and leaf thins towards the end of August, looking for maximum aeration of the grape bunch. Hand harvested in 2 tries.
Long 5 hours pressing with a pneumatic press. Uses minimal sulphur dioxide. Indigenous natural yeasts, no chaptalisation, and the wine is neither acidified nor de-acidified. Cuve fermented at 18°C for one month. Gravity rather than pumping. Malolactic completed 100%. Racked once after malos. Stays on the fine lees until April then filtered (but never fined) and bottled according to the lunar cycle at the end fo the month. 700 bottles produced.
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