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Côteaux du Languedoc AC 2014, Fine Amor
  • 23. Côteaux du Languedoc AC 2014, Fine Amor

    Domaine Lacroix Vanel

    60% Grenache, 40% total of Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Syrah (14% alc.)

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    Low yielding old vines planted in gravel and basalt soils and tended organically. This wine offers very clearly defined fruit, with dried figs and black cherries to the fore. It has been very sensitively extracted, there is a distinct terroir imprint, smoky and hot stone, and there are fine tannins on the finish which is long and sustained. For drinking now to 2019.

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Further details
Jean-Pierre Vanel
Mainly in the village of Caux. A few parcels in the villages around (Pezenas, Fontes, Roujan )
Size of domaine
10ha in total planted with the 5 red grapes.
60% Grenache 40% Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carigan and Cinsault. Clonal selection (but after 10 years, the vines are autonomous and specific of a place and a climate). 12 to 60 year old vines. 4.000 vines per hectare on average trained trellising (mainly), plus a few old gobelets.
Gravely soil (glacial origin) and basalt (from volacnic eruption). 220 mtrs above sea-level. Various expositions on 18% slope. Soil depth 2 to 3m approx.
No debudding (vigour is naturally regulated). No vendanges en vert. Certified organic with Ecocert©. No weed killers. Works mechanically between the rows. 2 to 3 ploughings per year, not too deep: before Winter, during Spring and after depending on the weather (rain or not). Sulphur, copper and whole milk are used against mildiou and oidium. No fertiliser (according to JP, fertiliser is like a “drug” and goes directly into the plant) whereas compost is nourishing the soil which is then nourishing the plant. It is more expensive but it’s not the same result! Harvested by hand. No sorting table. Between 20 and 35 hl/ha depending on the parcels and the vintages.
No cold prefermentation. 100% destalking. Grapes are crushed. Alcoholic fermentation in resin tank only (good micro oxygenation and no reduction) for 15 days to 3 weeks (at 26°C on average, 30°C max.) using natural, indigenous yeasts. Temperature is controlled. Pumping over and cap punching are depending on vintages; sometimes no cap punching, only pumping over. Cuvaison for 15 to 25 days. Pressed by 22 hl Vaslin horizontal press. The press wine is always used (according to JP, it is essential: good grapes = good press wine!). Aged for 12 to 24 months depending on vintages. Aged in cuve only: no oak here! Ripe grapes = enough tannins. The marriage of the tannins coming from the oak and the natural tannins from the grapes in Languedoc doesn’t seem very elegant to JP !). 3 rackings in total (1 in November after the fermentation, 1 after the Winter and 1 after the Spring). No bâtonnage, no collage; light filtration. Two bottlings in November and in April-May. 9 to 12.000 bottles produced on average.
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