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  • Dirty Dozen - Robert Giorgione on Champagne Prevost

    The Roving Sommelier “Dirty Dozen” wine selection By Robert Giorgione on September 17, 2012 “As with 2011, the recent Dirty Dozen tasting was probably one of the best wine events of this year. Essentially, the Dirty Dozen is a collaboration of (yes, you’ve guessed it) twelve UK-based independent wine suppliers/merchants – all of whom have their own particular niche and special reputation that has been built up over the years.” Giorgione...

  • Dirty Dozen Tasting 12th September Sarah Ahmed

    Sarah Ahmed in The Wine Detective ( The Dirty Dozen Do It Again: A Terroir Tasting.  On The Loire - Contrasting styles of Chenin Blanc, also Sauvignon, showed off the Loire’s terroir.... From Chavignol’s steep kimmeridgian limestone-based slopes Gerard Boulay Clos de Beaujeu Sancerre 2010 (Vine Trail) was iron fist in velvet glove.  A powerful, creamy, chalky, leesy, textured palate with blackcurrant bud and citrus is underscored and animated by steely grapefruity, mineral acidity, teasing...

  • Dirty Dozen Tasting 12th September Anne Krebiehl

    HARPERS ONLINE Friday, 14 September 2012 10:47 Anne Krebiehl dishes the dirt from the Dirty Dozen tasting on 12th September.  She selects 2 wines from Vine Trail - Chanudet’s Fleurie and Berlioz’s Chignin.  So why exactly is the Dirty Dozen Tasting the most exciting, least predictable and most hotly anticipated event within the crazy wine circus that London is in September? Why is there such a buzz, such animated discussion, such...