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  • 2010 - an exceptional vintage in the Rhône and Burgundy

    There are already loud rumblings as to just how good this vintage is in France - particularly so in the Rhône and Burgundy. I have just returned from a week in both regions and the excitement from top growers about the quality of the wines was palpable. To give you a flavour, Philippe Bravay from Domaine de Ferrand who has made fine CNDPs for...

  • Cécile Tremblay lunch at Texture - 28th February

    CÉCILE TREMBLAY LUNCH AT TEXTURE: 34 Portman Street, London W1H 7BY - Tuesday, 28th February 2012 - 12.30pm Update: The event went very well, as can be seen from the pictures below! Picture of Vine Trail team at Texture for Cécile Tremblay lunch - Andrew Nicholls, Cécile Tremblay, Lionel Lamadon & Nick Brookes Picture of Cécile Tremblay & Nick Brookes Cécile Tremblay, leading burgundy owner, will be coming over from...